Merrinacity is a combining of my last name and the word tenacity.  I think that tenacity is one of many good words to describe me.  Thank you Rick Ridpath for the idea.   

I am a father of four, a husband, and a pastor.  I am a member of the generation often referred to as Gen X… which means I grew up right along beside the revolutionary evolution of technology and personal computers.  I saw the rise of MTV as a dominate force in pop culture, and watched as it became just another force to me reckoned with.  Ito quote Esqueleto from the movie Nacho Libre, “I am a man of science”, though I also am one who believes deeply in God; I am often amused and/or annoyed with those who see science and religion as necessary enemies.  I am fascinated by extremes in life, especially in regards to politics, pop culture, religion, and science.  I love to see how they mix, coalesce, and clash. 

I am the pastor of Hodge Presbyterian Church and may from time to time post something church related on this blog.  When I do I will post it under the category of Hodge Presbyterian.  I also plan to begin to post each sermon I write in the near future, these I will post under the category of Sermons.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Paul Fraser says:

    Congratulations on your first entry into the blogosphere, Captain Steve! May the force be with you as you explore the dimensions of the social web.

  2. Sharlyn Gates says:

    Hey, Steve. I like it and I like the title too!

  3. Patti Richardson says:

    “About” Merrinacity I like it ! I will enjoy the reads whenever they appear.

  4. Evie says:

    I think your blog will be interesting, informative and (according to me) radical. Looking forward to reading. Yes, the title is perfect. I remember you as a little boy and then growing up – you were very tenacious even then.

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